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"I like working here because it's given me the chance to grow as an individual, as a professional, I am doing what I like to do, what I study for... it's given me the opportunity to meet amazing people, to do an amazing job and to grow. So that is what I like about working here because it's also given me challenges that I was requiring, challenges that I wanted in my life for myself and for my job as a professional as well. So that is what I like working in concrete marketing crew and I'm excited about all the things that are coming..."

Belen Ozaetta
Rockstar SEO & Web Dev Project Manager

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"My top three favorite things about working at Concrete marketing crew would be first the people, the team, our bosses. Everyone is so talented, nice, and sweet and I have learned so many things from them. The second would be how resourceful we are. We are always looking for ways to improve our processes and using different websites and so word I have never heard of but have helped us so much to improve everything we are doing. And also third would be how we really represent our core values which are C-O-R-E commitment, ownership, responsibility, and excellence. And I just feel like I have also applied them into my life".

Erika Caraballo
Rockstar Graphic Designer & Branding Queen

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"If you're on the fence in terms of even just applying to this company, you are missing out. And I'm not just being biased in terms of like, really great benefits, you get sabbatical weeks and all that. Think long-term because here at Concrete Marketing Crew, we're not that short-sighted. We always look towards the company's growth in the long run and especially with our team members, and our employees, we make sure that everybody is not only taken care of, but we make sure you are educated and well equipped for the role that you are about to undertake. Yeah. We're not short on resources at all. Learning material is abundant. Yeah. Not only will you get compensated fairly, of course, I'd say take the leap. Just hit that apply button. You won't regret it because you learn a lot of relevant skills that I think will be useful for you. Even after Concrete Marketing, that's what we're all about the long term".

Renzo Rilli
Executive Assistant

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"...I can just talk about my personal experience. So from that point of view, I can tell you that I couldn't be happier to work here. It's honestly one of the best things that ever happened to me, working here at Concrete Marketing Group. It's a really good experience. You have a really awesome team. Daniel. Mady again. They're incredible. So don't miss this opportunity. I promise you. Don't miss it."

Andres Del Pino
Rockstar Web Developer

Social Media Management

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Danny Barrera
CEO, Contractor Click (formerly Concrete Marketing Crew)

"It is my deepest desire to see each and every one of our team members flourish and become the best version of themselves in every area of their lives. My job is to serve our team members with a culture of growth, positivity, and personal fulfillment. This is what makes us the #1 digital marketing agency in the market."